A lot of exciting services and surprises in the number eighteen of The Official Ferrari Magazine!

Focused on "action", the new number of the Ferrari magazine is composed by two compelling sections: a part containing some rich articles on the most exciting moments of the Formula 1 season and a whole section dedicated to the future F150 supercar, destined to take the place of the Enzo model, with the description of a lot of technical features and an extraordinary carbon fiber chassis that reflects exactly the one used in Formula 1.

The Official Ferrari Magazine never fails to surprise its most loyal readers: it’s unmissable the unpublished interview-conversation between Jacques Villeneuve and Piero Ferrari, to commemorate the secrets of the unforgettable Gilles, as well as the news about  the superstar chef Gordon Ramsay’s visit to Maranello, yet another enthusiastic Ferrari customer.

And, finally, it could not miss the most fun part: the description of the test drive made by Fernando Alonso in the F12 berlinetta with Andrea Stella, his faithful track engineer. The driver’s aim was to terrorise the people who continue to order him to go faster from his seat in the pit during the Grand Prix races!

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