Every day the Prancing Horse comes with you with the evergreen grit of the people who give themselves to be the best!

The Maranello House has created the Ferrari Scuderia tennis racquet, to live the important Italian brand emotion on your matches set.

This is an intelligent tennis racquet, complete with vibration damper for the strings, to make its use easier for the hardest players.

The high-tech look mixes with attention to design of the red Ferrari Scuderia tennis racquet, which frame is in carbon fibre, with particular energy bridge inserts system.

The cover with ‘Ferrari Scuderia’ printed in carbon traces defines the Ferrari Scuderia tennis racquet style, that has on the Italian flag tricolor, emphasizing the brand sense of belonging to the national land.

Very careful details decribe the Ferrari Scuderia tennis racquet, that shows on the strings and the racquet handles the Maranello House emblem.

Perfect for the European market standards, the Ferrari tennis racquet has an own case, that permits its movements, thanks to its practical shoulder strap.

What are you waiting for? Enjoy your playtime using the Ferrari Scuderia tennis racquet, that is available in the Official Store, where you will also find all the other sports and games accessories and the Maranello House shoes.

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