The best attention to detail, excellent materials and similar to the real one: these are the features of the Ferrari California Electric 12V.

Perfect for children who are more than three years old, the Ferrari California electric has a chassis made in steel, that mixes with the plastic body, painted in non-toxic colors.

Ferrari wants to give its littlest fans the possibility to feel the emotion of driving an own car , with all the stylish particulars.

The two seats have seat belts, while the front and rear lights and the rims remind clearly the original Maranello House gem.

The electric motor has a rechargeable battery and a battery recharger, that allow a long time using, assuring autonomy to the driver.

The Ferrari California electric 12V model offers an high quality practicality, thanks to the pedal with accelerator and the electric brake.

Beauty, class and passion describe the Ferrari California electric 12V, the last brand idea for the littlest champions.

The 26 kg of this Ferrari model assure the best safety and its 5kph for speed, to give the real Ferrari men’s the emotion of seeing their children driving a beautiful car.

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