Summer means holiday, fan and style: the Ferrari uomo fragrance Luxe Edition is the perfume that describes the Ferrari fan’s nights.

Produced in limited edition of 50 items, the Ferrari uomo fragrance Luxe Edition traces the brand values, interpreting excellence, uniqueness and refinement.

Ferrari is a lifestyle and the Ferrari uomo fragrance Luxe Edition has all the Prancing Horse feautures.

The aromas of juniper, cedar wood and nutmeg mix with the freshness of Sicilian lemons and Calabrese bergamot to create the unmistakable summer fragrance.

Alberto Morillas created this Ferrari perfume thinking of everyday fan’s passion, in the daily challenges.

The flacon with the signature of Thierry de Baschmakoff, represents a wise mix of traditional shape and details that remind a Ferrari car features.

The flacon jewel top of the Ferrari uomo fragrance has the Prancing Horse embossed shield, with a true leather detail, reminding the Maranello GT  materials, using the handmade carefulness.

Nothing is casual in the Ferrari uomo fragrance Luxe Edition, that has an exclusive brown leather box with light stitching, to refer to the top.

Summer means relax: enjoy the charm awareness of the charm offered by this Ferrari fragrance, that gives you the discreet and punchy Prancing Horse sex appeal.

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