Why do you want to renounce to the Prancing Horse, during your playtime?

The Ferrari F60 Gamepad Dual Analogic is the control pad realized by the Maranello House to give its fans the brand excellence in the free time too.

Playing regenerates mind and distracts you from the daily engagement: why don’t you do it using this high quality Ferrari accessory?

Attention to detail assures the best quality in the handgrips and the careful materials selection permits the best practical use of this Ferrari gamepad.

The lower section is covered to create a ‘peach-skin’ effect lining to offer the truly serious players a deep comfort sensation.

Attention to the visual aspect of the Dual Analogic Ferrari F60 Gamepad shows the packaging refinement, that expresses the Maranello House colors a and the values that tell about thstory of the important Italian brand.

The Ferrari licence guarantees the Ferrari controller excellence: entering in the Prancing Horse’s universe means living all its aspects in every daily occasions.

Let’s train with the Dual Analogic Ferrari F60 gamepad, that is available in limited edition in the Official Store, with all the other sports items for the game lovers.


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