The sinuous line of the famous Maranello racing car lives again in the Kraftek Scuderia Ferrari, that expresses clearly the Maranello House style.

Putting on the Kraftek Scuderia Ferrari shoe means interpreting all the Prancing Horse grit: the Puma logo certifies the design excellence, embellishing this accessory with a puma image on the external side.

Reference to the Italian flag emphasizes the brand’s sense of belonging to its native land, while the Prancing Horse Shield defines its passion for excellence.

In the Kraftek SF shoes the shapes study combines with the beauty of the colors, that paint all the Ferrari energy in an elegant and neat way.

This Ferrari shoe communicates the unique mood of the important racing cars, mixing the competitive style and the use of transpiring materials, that assure the continuous fan’s foot sense of freshness.

The Kraftek Scuderia Ferrari shoe is available in black and white, with the racing red details, to remind a real and typical lifestyle, that the fan adopts every day, to bring the winning determination of the Prancing Horse.

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