The Ferrari California is the beautiful Gran Turismo car, produced since 2008 by the Maranello House with high excellence features, thanks to the careful study of each technical detail.

How can we celebrate this little treat? The Ferrari California Poster permits the true fan to have in his bedroom the image of one of the best-loved cars of all time.

Elegance of design is clearly visible in the smooth lines of the Ferrari California, which image stands out on the dark background, that seems floodlighted by  a followspot.

The car shadow makes the poster realistic, to communicate all the distinctive feature of the Ferrari California excellence, that appears in all its splendor.

The white product signature is in the bottom part, while the Shield logo, with the legendary Prancing horse is situated in top.

This poster of the California car is part of the Ferrari merchandising, that is unmissable for the true fan, to bring in his bedroom all the Maranello House style.

The Ferrari California poster is available in the Official Store, where you can also find the memorabilia, the models for collectors and the art articles by Ferrari.

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