The informal and casual Ferrari Jumbo Watch is an unmissable accessory for the followers of the Prancing Horse.

This Ferrari watch design shows the clear vocation to the casual and practical style, that the fan prefers every day.

The rubber wrist strap assures the best wereability of the Ferrari Jumbo chronograph, that clothes easily the Maranello Scuderia fan.

Excellence of this accessory expresses itself in the very good performances of the Ferrari Jumbo Watch, which precision is guaranteed by the Swiss manufacture, that uses valuable materials.

The case and titanium hour crow, the anodized aluminium button, the anti-reflective crystal and the water-resistance are only a few of the main features of the Ferrari Jumbo chronograph.

Sport becomes the competition pleasure wearing the Jumbo watch, that has several counter buttons, to supervice the effective performance during the race, to have the best result in the daily life too.

This Ferrari watch 24 months guarantee certificate and the elegant wooden painted box make this idea a real collector’s item, to keep carefully.

The Ferrari Jumbo watch is available in the Store with the other chronograph that complete the fan’s look with the Prancing Horse spirit.

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