Passions are important since childhood, so mums and dads buy the Scuderia Ferrari Baby Pilot Suit.

The most vivacious children wears the Ferrari Suit: the fans see in this suit red the many wins of the best racing cars in the world.

The Scuderia Ferrari Baby Pilot Suit is a beautiful small model of the Ferrari men’s sportwear, with the Prancing Horse shield on the heart, to embellish this item of clothing.

White stitchings remind the Scuderia Team uniform, with the sponsor’s logo on the front.

The double stripe running down both legs highlighting the Italian flag colors, remembering the brand sense of belonging to its people, of which it’s the national pride.

Thinking about their children wearing the Scuderia Ferrari Baby Pilot Suit means clothing them with an item of clothing, that has been studied paying attention to each detail to reach the best comfort, without renouncing the classic elegance of the Maranello House lines.

The Scuderia Ferrari Baby Pilot Suit is available in the Store, with the other items of clothing and the accessories for the littlest Ferrari fans.

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