It isn’t an ordinary travel bag, it isn’t a common hand-luggage!

The Ferrari Replica Trolley is a unique item that the Maranello House realized thinking about its fan who loves travelling or have to do business trips.

What does the Ferrari trolley look like?

Practicalness, lightness, resistance and beauty: the space using shares functionally the weight, reducing the volume wastes and the double row of wheels make it so easy to handle.

Sizes of the Ferrari trolley allows the fan to move nimbly, carrying his personal belongings, in a capacious and dynamic luggage.

Its fabric is rain-proof and shock-proof, thanks to the reinforced sides at the bottom, assuring this trolley excellence, that expresses the competitive soul of the Prancing Horse.

Attention to details of the Ferrari Replica trolley combines with the double zipper using on the main compartment, that make the catch guaranteed, while the reflective material inserts embellish the beauty of the front part.

The Puma logo is the excellence warranty of the Ferrari hand-luggage, while the Shield with the Prancing Horse confirms passion for the Maranello House, that is linked to its Country by the Italian flag in the bottom part with three embroidered little ring.

Available in the classic Ferrari red and in the more aggressive black, the Replica Trolley is present in the Store, where the true fan can also find the leather and bags that each day go with him in his moving.

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