The Ferrari fan can be elegant when he wears the grit of the legendary Prancinh Horse!

The men’s Ferrari “Barracuda” model jacket is the exclusive item of clothing for who loves wearing passion for speed in each moment of his day.

Made of Oxford nylon, the Ferrari jacket clothes the all age man, that keeps the competitive soul of the Maranello House alive all along.

Passion is life and the Prancing Horse offers its supporters the possibility of wearing the exclusivity of an item that express elegance of a Ferrari GT, without giving up the sporting Brand vocation.

The front and back slits of the Ferrari jacket reminds the shape of a seat of a Ferrari GT, which reference is clear in the plate and the metal Prancing Horse on the chest.

Care of particulars expresses the attention of the important Italian brand to its fans, that esteem not only the aesthetic beauty, but also the practicalness of this item.

Details make a difference: the rib knit collar and cuffs make the “Barracuda” jacket casual, like as the two side pockets with flaps decorated with piping in the same material.

The inside key pocket offers the fan the possibility to hold on keys securely, assuring the aesthetic aspect of the Ferrari jacket, that has a perfect and spruce line.

The two color models of the Ferrari jacket, that can be white or blue navy, go well with every style of clothing, describing matchings that are both elegant and casual.

Loving the Ferrari GT is a lifestyle! Do you like the men’s Ferrari “Barracuda” model? Visit the Store, where the men’s clothing is available to surprise you!

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