Fitting of the Ferrari Store in the 8 Liberty Place, in Milan, is an invitation for each fan of the Prancing Horse.

This event began on April 17 and it will carry on until April 22, cutting the Milanese Store in the new attention to design, for the 2012 Furniture Fair.

The appointment is dedicated not only to the Prancing Horse fans, but also to the enthusiasts of the home stylish furniture.

Spaces of the Store house true pieces, inspired by the Ferrari universe and its symbols, that become elements to embellish your home.

Exclusivity of the Maranello House values interprets the furniture, that has been expressly realized for this event, to frame Ferrari attention to contemporary design.

At the front door, the appealing windows show the anodized aluminum Ferrari cars, while you can walk internally among the big bookcase, which shape remembers the traditional front end of the stylish car models.

The gaze is ravished by the “Formula 1 Memorabilia”, that are exhibited on the bookshelves to propose all the Prancing Horse’s important moments in beautiful and exclusive item.

And that’s not all! Visiting the Store you will esteem the F1 inspired sofa, that interprets the famous car in the middle red felt covered part and in the four black poufs, that remind the racing wheel.

Let’s visit the Ferrari Store in the 8 Liberty Place, in Milan to discover the new men, women and kinds’ collections: on Thursday, April 19, between the 7:30 p.m. and the 11:00 p.m. you can also drink a special cocktail offered by the Ferrari boutique.

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