Grit of the Maranello cars lives in the Ferrari leather F12 Berlinetta keyring!

The linear design that characterizes this accessory withholds a careful study of the shape, that proposes the same leather which has been used for the upholstery of the Gran Tourism car.

The sprint of the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta Keyring is perfectly expressed by its dynamic look, that is combined with the use of a precious material, that offers a soft touch and a beautiful aesthetic appeal.

Attention to detail and the care of particulars is clear in the stitchings, that are realized in the classic Ferrari red, that covers the inner part of the keyring.

The written of the Brand with the important mark of the Italian manufacture is synonymous of the guaranteed quality of the Ferrari keyring, that has been realized mixing practicalness and the will to create a unique item, that is time resistant.

Maranello House thinks about everything: the Ferrari leather F12 Berlinetta keyring is an unmissable accessory for the fan that doesn’t want to renounce to his passion for the Prancing Horse!

Easiness of removing any traces of dirt from this Ferrari accessory allows to preserve perfectly the F12 Berlinetta keyring, to hold it always clean and new.

Ferrari marks each everyday need with the excellence of its items and the leather F12 Berlinetta keyring is only one of the many articles of the Store, where the most ardent fan can find also the belts and the sunglasses by the Prancing Horse.

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