Dedicated to the new Formula 1 season, the men’s Ferrari t-shirt F2012 is an item inspired by the hard core of the Maranello House.

Following the Prancing Horse races means feeling the passion of its grit, that describes the features of this t-shirt.

The short-sleeved Ferrari t-shirt for the fine weather allows the fan to exult at each win wearing the practicalness of a men’s item of clothing, studied in all its details.

Made from jersey cotton, the men’s Ferrari t-shirt F2012 reminds the classic Maranello House red, having on the front the print of the new Ferrari 2012 logo and the Italian flag, that is the symbol of the love of the Brand for its country.

The wording “Formula One Season” and the yellow Shield patch specifies the important event that inspired the Ferrari t-shirt, confirming a passion that the fan expresses in his days in an always new way.

This t-shirt surprise is on the back, that has a print of the 2012 Formula 1 season racing calendar, to remember the supporter the unmissable appointment of the Prancing Horse

Available in all sizes, the men’s Ferrari t-shirt F2012 is present in the Store, where the fan can also find the trousers that well interpret the casual style of the Maranello House.

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