There are a lot of Ferrari styles and the real fan always knows his look and all the things that he wants in his home to live his passion for the Prancing Horse every day.

The Carbon Fiber Lineincludes several items, to offer the Ferrari fan the possibility to bring with him the Maranello House elegance in the watches for the most important occasions and the relaxing moments, the practicalness of the trinket box and the pen tray, the sporting will of the limited edition bicycle and much more.

Each supporter’s life moment is marked by the refined competitiveness of the Carbon Fiber Line, that describes the Ferrari man’s style defining his bent for transversality.

The mixture of the design beauty and the technical features of the important Maranello brand creates the excellence research that each item expresses in its attention to details.

The certainty of a resistant material and the study of the shapes is basilar for the items proposed by the Carbon Fiber Line, that combines elegance and the practicalness of useful ideas and indispensable accessories in the everyday life.

The mechanical units of the racing cars and the elegant chess set surprise the collectors and the fan that wants to embellish his home.

The Carbon Fiber Line is available in the Ferrari Store and it is waiting for you!

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