Maranello House proposes its ardent fans the 1962 Ferrari 268 SP front end replica.

If passion for the Prancing Horse brightens up the daily routine, the 1962 Ferrari 268 SP front end replica is an unmissable piece to complete the supporter’s home style.

The 1:1 scale Ferrari front end replica has been realized paying meticulous attention to details, describing the competitive and elegant style of the Ferrari 268 SP.

The Ferrari front end replica is identical to the original and it is available with a wall fitting or a stand, to allows the Prancing Horse fans to exhibit this item as he pleases.

The vintage touch of the front end remembers the first years of the Maranello House, proposing the style and the design of the racing car that was the dream of whole generations.

The Ferrari 268 SP front end replica charms the real collector, because it keeps the glamour of the olden days alive, reminding the traditional values, that live again today in this models, in the classic red of the Brand.

The Ferrari 268 SP front end replica is available in the Store with the other sports collectibles, that drags the Ferrari fan in the wonderful world of speed, that you can touch.

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