The number sixteen of The Official Ferrari Magazine satisfies the fiercest fans’ curiosity.

All the things you want to know and lots about the Prancing Horse is the item of this edition of the Ferrari Magazine, that explains the technical and stylistic secrets of the F12 Berlinetta to the supporters.

The Brand history, from 1952 to 1963, traces that years victories, reconstructing the features of the 250 models of the racing car that took the field while Italy lived its economic boom.

Peeking among the pages of the number sixteen of The Official Ferrari Magazine, surprises for the reader go on, with the presentation of the new Formula 1 car and the description of the models that won the most.

Passion for competition runs parallel to music: this edition of the official Ferrari Magazine tells about the Aaron kwok and Michael Jackson’s history, the two rock stars that marked a whole epoch.

In particular, the Jackson’s myth approaches the Maranello House, deepening his secret dream about the creation of a small Ferrari in collaboration with Beretta, like his lower revealed.

You can find all the things you want to know and lots about Ferrari in the number sixteen of the Official Ferrari Magazine, available in the Store, with the previous editions of the magazine, to know well the Prancing Horse’s history.

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