The Limited Edition F2012 Sunglasses is dedicated to the launch of the new racing car for the Formula 1 World Championship 2012.

The limited edition makes the idea of the exclusivity of the Ferrari man’s accessory, that has all the features that describe the Prancing Horse’s sprint.

The metallised red frame has a snug and charming design, giving the person who wears it the aggressive appeal of the Maranello House’s fan, while the rubber details communicate the casual with the Prancing Horse logo on the arm and the elastic cord that completes these sunglasses.

The world champion racing driver’s style is clear in the Ferrari sunglasses, realized in collaboration with the Sports Management Team: the mix of refinement and technological innovation is very important in this accessory.

The REVO multi-layer polycarbonate lenses assure the shatterproofness and the maximum lightness of the sunglasses, making them a perfect solution during the fan’s sports performance and activities in his free time.

The delivery within 1 month of the purchase order allows the Ferrari fan to handle this jewel in a little time, to show it in each moment.

The Limited Edition F2012 sunglesses is available in the Store, with the other sunglasses, that the real fan of the Prancing Horse will appreciate for the shape design and attention to detail of the many lines that describe its style.

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