The fan of the Prancing Horse can be tidy and he chooses the Scuderia Ferrari A5 Notebook, to note his appointments.

The supporter’s organization is close to perfection using the Ferrari notebook, without neglecting the beauty of this item.

The hard cover allows to keep the fan’s notes optimally, while the side spiral guarantees this article functionality, that is easily usable.

The bright red of the cover is a clear reference to the traditional colour of the Maranello House, that carries the Ferrari Shield logo with the legendary Prancing Horse in the centre.

The Ferrari notebook has 80 sheets of squared paper, where the Shield black and white logo stresses the belonging to the Brandhouse.

The fan prefers the Scuderia Ferrari A5 Notebook to keep his notes to take them.

The Scuderia Ferrari A5 Notebook is available in the Store with the other housewares and office items, that are unmissable for the fan.

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