The Prima Ferrari stroller is useful to the Ferrari mum, that goes for a walk with her child in the sunny days.

The practicalness of the Ferrari stroller is expressed by its lightness, that becomes a comfortable structure for the little fan, thinking about its dimension when it is open.

This stroller allows the fan to go out whit her child, accompanying him in the several step of the growth, because it holds the children from 6 to 36 months old.

The traditional colours of the Ferrari Scuderia are present in the stroller in the red and black prevalence, referring to the classical and sober style of the Maranello House.

The guarantee of the ergonomic study of the Prima Ferrari stroller comes from the Team Tex, the leading company in the sector, that thought of all details to make it suitable to each moment.

The polyester lining and the reclining back permit to the child to assuming his favorite positions, while the steel frame and each wheel with suspensions make the use of this stroller more practical.

The 5 point belt make the stroller safe for the child, because they allow him the right movements, without dangers.

Reference to the Brandhouse is clear in the Ferrari Scuderia shield and the its logo, with the legendary Prancing Horse on the back and the Maranello House’s logo in the bottom part.

Growing up with Ferrari means enshrouding you child in the extraordinary world of the Prancing Horse’s excellence: the Prima Ferrari stroller is available in the Store, with all the accessories for the littlest fans.

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