Ferrari fan’s Business appointments will be engaging wearing the yellow Prancing Horse Tie.

The supporter has on the Ferrari Tie when he must be formal and he wants to show his grit, without neglecting his passion for the Brandhouse.

The pure silk makes this accessory elegant and refined, while the yellow all-over jacquard Prancing Horse, that is embroidered, reminds the belonging to the Maranello House.

The colours selection gives the possibility to match the Ferrari Tie with the clothes of several shades, that go well with the blue.

Ferrari excellence is clear in the Italian manufacture of the Prancing Horse tie, that has been realized paying attention to each detail.

The yellow Ferrari written on the tip of the tie represents another important reference to the Brand, that personalizes this male accessory, making it unique and recognizable.

The Prancing Horse tie is available in the Store with the shirts and the shoes, that the business man prefers wearing in his most important occasions… it’s because the fan has always Ferrari in his heart.

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