Elegant and casual, suitable to the most important occasions, the Ferrari New Oxford Shirt is the item that the fan wears when he wants to surprise.

This long-sleeved shirt, in Oxford cotton, mixes the typical Ferrari style and the grit expressed by the details.

The blue of this item allows several colours matches to the shades that the Ferrari supporters prefers every day.

The buttonholes, in contrasting colour, use the red to remember the symbol of the Maranello House, which patch is embroidered on the left side of the chest, reinforcing the sense of belonging to the Brandhouse.

The cotton triangles down the sides along, in contrasting colour, make the item casual, harmonizing the two souls of this refined shirt.

Ferrari man wears the Ferrari New Oxford Shirt when he wants to feel a member of Ferrari family, which important features are reflected in his daily look.

Each appointment is a perfect moment to show this beautiful item, because it interprets the sportsman spirit in the most conventional occasions.

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