The 3D Enzo Ferrari mousepad is an idea to celebrate the mythical Ferrari Enzo.

This coupé car, produced by Ferrari in 2002 to remember the first 55 years of the Maranello House’s activity, was very successful and today is one of the most admired and elegant car for the brand lovers.

Proposing the 3D Enzo Ferrari mousepad is tribute to this car, that seems sportive and refined aesthetically, proposing a reproduction with the front and the back part of this little treat in a lenticular model.

The 3D feature makes this accessory interesting and involving for the user, because it gives slightly different views of the splendid car.

The Ferrari brand is in the historic Enzo Ferrari’s signature, the man’s valuable autograph of who marked the Italian success in the Formula 1 world.

The 3D Enzo Ferrari mousepad is available in the Store, that has the other Ferrari office and houseware for the Prancing Horse house.

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