The Ferrari DVD Tower is the ideal accessory for who loves watching the best movie masterpieces sitting in the armchair, keeping his DVD to appreciate them again.

Made from precious wood, the DVD Tower has a punchy Ferrari red coloured insert in the back section, to give this accessory the unmistakable style of the Maranello House.

The capacity of the Ferrari DVD Tower is very high, because it allows to put away 116 DVD, distributed between the front and the back.

The veneer external part of the Ferrari DVD Tower is made from carbon fibre, an high-tech material, that gives the value and the toughness of the accessory.

The practical Ferarri DVD Tower has an handy rotating base, that permits an easy use.

The enamelled metal Scuderia Ferrari shield is set in the base, emphasizing all the Brand accessories that the fans loves having around.

The Ferrari DVD Tower is available in the Store, with the other accessories that in the fan’s home speak about his passion for the legendary Prancing Horse.

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