When the rigors of the winter fall into a doze, Ferrari suggests the child’s Scuderia Jacket in filled nylon.

The real goose down filling provides the right heat for your child when the sun peeps out in the cold season greyness.

Aesthetically  casual, the square backstitching on the unique traditional Ferrari red and the inside in contrasting colour make this jacket the item that each little fan want to wear.

The Scuderia Ferrari jacket in filled nylon is practical for the child that could keep his things not only in the two side pockets with zipper closing, but also in the breast and inside one.

The Brand’s sense of belonging to the Country that celebrates each Ferrari victory is returned by its respect that is showed in this item too, proposing the Italian flag embroidered on front.

Attention to details, that characterizes Ferrari excellence is clear in the central zipper with personalized Scudetto tab, which rubberized Scudetto patch is on the left side of the jacket, while the Scuderia Ferrari logo is printed on the centre back collar.

Ferrari thought about the carry bag of this beautiful child’s Scuderia Jacket in filled nylon too, in the same fabric made, with the Scudetto logo.

To make your child happy with the Scuderia Ferrari Jacket, let’s visit the Store, where you’ll find the kids sweatshirt and the trousers for the littlest.

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