20 pure silver centimetres delineate the sculpture of the Prancing Horse

The tribute to Maranello House is celebrated in this item, which value is not only in the beauty of the lines and in the design study, but it touches the Ferrari fan’s emotional dimension.

Why is the Prancig Horse the car company symbol? Travelling forward, the story tells about the first Ferrari’s victory that in 1923 won the Trophy in Savio, when the Countess Baracca invitated him to use the Horse as a good luck symbol on his own cars.

From them on the emblem of the Prancing Horse became the Brand image, which the fan is indissolubly attached by his passion.

This touchable Prancing Horse model is a limited edition item, that only the privileged can exhibit in their private or working spaces, with the pride of the belonging to the excellence world of Ferrari.

The elegant sculpture is mounted on a Plexiglas base, that has an etched label that guarantees the model’s exclusivity, which availability is limited at only 99 pieces.

The red package of the sculpture is its luxury frame, that refers to the traditional Ferrari red color.

The splendid silver sculpture of the Prancing Horse is available in the Ferrari Store, with the many other beautiful collectibles for Maranello House’s lovers.

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