Attention to the littlest describes the Ferrari Teddy Bear Cutlery Set, that goes with the tomorrow fans in the pap time.

The Ferrari style combines with the sweetness of the teddy bear in the five pieces of the set.

Your child will play while he is eating in the plate that represents a driver Teddy Bear in a bright red Ferrari and he’ll enjoy himself discovering the face of the nice teddy bear on the dish-bottom.

The cup with Teddy Bear image is a stylized picture of the important Italian Brand driving, while the spoon and fork, like the other pieces of the set, have the unique Prancing Horse logo.

The colors of the set for children remind the Italian flag in the triumph of red, white and green, with the national blue.

The Ferrari Teddy Bear Curtlery Set is the accessory for the lunch time that becomes keen the littlest fans on the bigger Italian car company, attending them since their first years in class and excellence.

Ferrari decided to see the childhood with this set, available for you in the Store, with the other accessories that will make the Prancing Horse’s littlest fans happy.

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