The 458 Italy Jacket is warm, casual, in according with Ferrari elegance, for who loves wearing the Prancing Horse energy.

The non-woven fabric makes the practicalness of this item, while the micro-pile inside guarantees its quality.

The colors of the Italian flag, on the left sleeve above cuff describe the Brand passion for its land that rejoices for each victory for years.

The thermo-taped inside guarantees the maximum transpiration of the jacket, that is water- and windproof too, allowing the Ferrari sportsman to do his physical activity when the weather conditions are not so good.

The Prancing Horse is embroidered on the left side, to define the belonging to the brand, while the red lines outline remembering the auto 458 Italy is on the right side of the jacket.

This item, for auto 458 Italy, reminds its name on the back too, with the lettering of that car.

The Ferrari 458 Italy Jacket is wonderful for the fan that has a casual and punchy style, that in his leisure time become sporting application in the training to keep in shape.

In the Ferrari Store, besides the Ferrari 458 Italy Jacket, there are many unmissable sweatshirts, for the real supporter’s pleasure time.

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