What’s the Prancing Horse ashtray? Is smoking a contradiction for sportsman?

Ferrari considers the smoking habit a need to meet.

This is the aim of the small Prancing Horse ashtray.

The linear Maranello House’s design  draws the forms of this yellow ceramic ashtray, which 15 cm gauged diameter.

Smoking is the pleasure of being in company and Ferrari stays with its fan in his break too with its unique elegance.

The black Prancing Horse, painted in the ashtray centre, makes it unmistakable in the Brand concept, referring to a punch determination.

The small Prancing Horse ashtray is an appreciate present by Ferrari fan and an item to pamper himself in the smoking moment, with the passion of the legendary logo image.

The small prancing Horse ashtray is available in the Store, with the other Ferrari accessories, that surprise the fans with its ideas.

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