Maranello House’s story is the topic of the major volume entitled Ferrari: 60 years of Technological innovation.

The author Karl Ludvigsen gives the Ferrari’s supporters accurate information, also interesting for engineering and technology fans, in 254 pages published in both Italian and English.

The detailed story about the last 60 years car innovation is completed by exclusive images, reminding the ancient taste of the first victories.

The volume is a very thorough description of the many competition and road car innovation, representing the glorious Prancing Horse’s rise.

The protagonists of each pieces of Ferrari’s story are the theme of the tale, that reports methods and technologies used to achieve the absolute excellence.

Each victory comes from a quid and technological innovation, with sport passion are the main character of this absolutely value for Ferrari lovers.

The text “Ferrari: 60 years of Technological innovation” is available in the Store, where you can find also “Ferrari Panamerican”, the volume about the Prancing Horse’s feat in 2006, carrying through US with its two cars.

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