Dynamic woman, that reacts to the daily mishaps with Ferrari energy, wears the Ferrari Prancing Horse Women’s Jeans.

The young line of the trousers aims to the woman that loves the thrill of speed.

Thanks to the distinctive Brand style, the jeans interprets the personal taste in a line that considers the timeless beauty of Ferrari mood.

In washed stretch denim, the troursers have five practical pockets, that make it functional and fashionable.

The personalized porno buttons and rivets with the Prancing Horse logo show the uniqueness of the jeans, that satisfy the most refined taste.

Being young and Ferrari supporter means wearing the Ferrari Prancing Horse Women’s Jeans, to feel part of a winning Family, that surprises for its power.

The Ferrari Prancing Horse Women’s Jeans are available in the Store with the shirts that go well together this pair of jeans, for Ferrari lovers!

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