Elegance of the Ferrari Bomber Jacket in Oxford nylon fabric is the solution for the wintriness without renouncing practicalness.

The Bomber is the unmissable item of clothing for the fan who prefers Ferrari passion to interpret the most important situations.

The distinctive grit of the Prancing Horse characterizes this beautiful Bomber Jacket with the cotton padded lining and the collar in a casual style.

The practical inner anti-wind cuffs combines with the inner lining in contrasting color to make the elegant casual mood of the bomber.

Ferrari excellence guarantee is in the main zipper pull in real leather with the hot printed House logo and in the appliquéd patch with the legendary Prancing Horse logo.

Ferrari customizes its creation with attention to detail as ever and the unique quality taste.

The Bomber Jacket in Oxford nylon fabric is waiting for you in the Store, where you can buy it with the beautiful men sweaters and the practical trousers proposed by Ferrari.

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