Ferrari Shield Unisex Puma shoe 3.0 is new, casual and inspired by competitiveness.

Perfect for who is always in a hurry and prefers speed of action to everyday disorganization, Ferrari Shield Puma shoe 3.0 is suitable for each situation and meteorological condition.

With a distinctive motorsport character, the dynamic style is ideal to combine Ferrari elegant look with the aim of keeping abreast of the times.

Black and red or red and white colors are well-adapted to each clothing, reminding the classic shades of Ferrari tradition, whose logo is the historic Prancing Horse.

The real Ferrari supporter prefers Ferrari Shield Puma shoe 3.0, because he can be fashionable even without realizing that.

Available on Ferrari Store, Ferrari Shield Puma shoe 3.0, in the two color-matchings, is waiting for you with many more accessories.

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