The car company speaks with the littlest Ferrari’s world fans, suggesting them the kid’s Set.

The unique style of Ferrari classic red is narrowed to color this uniform that win the children over, wearing them with Prancing Horse style, interpreting the small everyday victories.

Handy and cool, “Scuderia Ferrari” short-sleeved t-shirt and bottoms set aims to the line usefulness, with details that ease its putting on, like the button opening at the neck.

Ferrari’s authenticity is guaranteed by the legendary Prancing Horse on the chest and bottoms, such as the double Puma logo on the front, on both the right sleeve and on the bottoms.

Sense of belonging to the Brand shows passion for the Italian flag, which three shades are embroidered on the right sleeve.

The white “Scuderia Ferrari” written in contrasting color on the back describes the concept of the Kid’s Set, to make Ferrari’s passion identifiable.

The size chart, available in the Store, will help you choose the perfect set for your child, to give him the dream of the magic Ferrari’s world.

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