The pure silk and its manufacture make Ferrari 125 headscarf the accessory that completes the charming, casual and elegant woman’s style.

Yup, it’s because with Ferrari 125S headscarf each style takes on the casual nuance of Prancing Horse’s passion.

Each Ferrari’s world supporter would wear this headscarf, because it mixes vintage colors and a classical pattern, reminding the past.

Technical designs of the first racing sports car relive the style of Italian economic boom years, when the vehicle was the important protagonist embodying the dreams of the new speed lovers’.

The hand printing communicates the timeless elegance taste, using the sand color to frame the Ferrari 125S headscarf, giving it the sophisticated style that Ferrari fan always wears with her female obstinacy.

Available in the Store, Ferrari 125S headscarf goes well with Ferrari jewellery, personalizing each woman’s look.

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