In a very smart present, inspired by practicalness, iPad2 is the irreplaceable accessory that needs a case to keep it from unfortunate inconveniences, guaranteeing its undamaged status.

The new iPad2 case by Tod's was born from combination of attention to technology with Ferrari passion: this is a little treat that frames the “magic tablet” to offer the user the practicalness of an adjustable cover, helping its viewing and typing.

The red leather of the Ferrari new iPad2 case by Tod’s remembers Ferrari tradition in colour and in the unmissable Prancig Horse on the front cover.

The elegant style and the clean-cut design of the new iPad2 case reflect Ferrari world reputation in this accessory that gives a touch of personality to everyday technology.

In Ferrari Store, as well as the Ferrari new iPad2 case by Tod’s, there are a lot of each other accessories, that surprise for attention to detail in the manufacture excellence.

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