Ferrari store offers a few collections of historical photographs to re-live its epic moments.

Ferrari store is offering a few historical photograph collections to re-live the key moments in the epic history of the Scuderia of the prancing horse.

The photos have been selected from the Ferrari archives and have been printed in limited edition (30 pieces) in 50x 40 format, ready for framing and displaying in full view.

They are available in 6 box sets with 6 photos in each, and each one dedicated to a different theme.

Box 1: 'Grand Touring and sport: running on the road'
Box 2: 'The sport and the years of the legend'
Box 3: 'Formula 1. The years of courage'
Box 4: 'Formula 1. Supremacy'
Box 5: 'The prototypes. Beautiful and invincible.'
Box 6: 'Formula 1. When the oxen pulled the cart'

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