Today I opened my closet and put on a red polo shirt with the Fernando Alonso label: I just bought it a while ago from the Ferrari Store and I’m already a huge fan!

It is made of stretch cotton and the colours are extremely vibrant, as soon as I put it on I feel like the master of the paddock: the writing is embroidered and the Ferrari logo stands out on the back: it is only Saturday afternoon but I feel like the leader of the race… pity that the cinema is so near, I wish I could keep driving for longer.

I think I’ll buy the Ferrari shirt too, also from the Fernando Alonso Collection, this can also be found on the internet, along with the Ferrari T-shirts, available in a variety of sizes and colours: there is one with Alonso lifting the cup and another one with a close-up of his face on the Spanish flag … which one to choose?


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